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Corporate Culture & Employee Wellness Interventions

Workplace Culture Interventions

We offer a workplace culture intervention by first assessing the workplace culture and thereafter providing the most suitable intervention(s).

These interventions can include the following:

  • Team Interventions
  • CBT Workshop Facilitation/Training
  • Female Wellness in the Workplace
  • Employee Counseling Services
  • Expatriate Adjustment Counseling Programme

With traditional wellness programmes in place, management soon will realize that without addressing the underlying culture (key individuals and how they interact with others within the organization), the likelihood of change initiatives succeeding are slim.


Value to Organization:

  • A work culture program that assesses the workplace culture, creates a blueprint for change and a supportive climate, while developing quality leaders.
  • work environment strategies will be even more effective.


1. Team Interventions

Conflict and change are a part of work life. This can lead to disruptions which can negatively affect team performance. The team interventions may include the following, after meeting with the supervisor/team leader to understand the situation:

  • Supervisor Coaching – we coach the supervisor on how to effectively supervise the team.
  • Proactive Team Dynamics Intervention – we attend some team meetings and facilitate a discussion on dealing with various team dynamics.
  • Team Training – we provide tailored training. E.g. training on Understanding Our Differences that uses a personality assessment.


Value for your Organization:

  • Improved team efficiency, meeting and exceeding of KPI’s, and a fertile work climate.
  • Improvement of productivity and motivation, and Decreased turnover.


2. CBT Workshops and Training

  • Behaviors are the outward actions of our thoughts and feelings. Trying to ACT differently without THINKING differently will fail, because human beings easily fall back to what they are used to.
  • our workshops and training incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, in order to first change the thought patterns so that behavioral change is permanent. These are some of the workshops which we provide: Developing high Performance Individuals/Teams, Communication and Presentation skills, Stress Management, etc.


Value for your Organization:

  • As registered professionals, we have specialized skill sets to effectively empower workshop attendees to effect permanent change in their behaviors/characters.
  • This will result in increased performance and productivity long-term.



For more, please download the PDF on this link Workplace culture – ICW


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